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Если ты чувствуешь, что сдаёшься, вспомни, ради чего ты держался до этого. (с) Джаред Лето.
Товарищи, кто-либо владеет информацией, когда и на чём Страйфи и его команда едут/летят из Питера в Ростов?
Поделитесь, пожалуйста.)

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killer likes candy.
VIRGINESQUE | So pure and clean. No words and thoughts yet.
"Have you ever been told you look like an elf? and not in a bad way, but in a Lord of The Rings-way. You are gorgeous"
In my favourite restaurant they always say “the elves are here” when I’m there with my friends. They both have beautiful long hair. But since my hair is dyed and I am not that tall, the owner keeps on mocking me by telling me I looked more like a hobbit :)

"Tell me why you're such a cutie?"
It certainly must be my shampoo! :)

"Do you like Pikachu? :3"
Pika Pikaaa!

"what is your new song about?"
it’s the story of a girl that hides herself inside her sanctuary.

"How do you think of Jared Leto?"
He must be a demigod.

Did you do the crown yourself?"
yes. in its entity :)

"The crown of thorns is blood, torments, pain... The Christ is a victim... How it is connected with the BRAVE NEW WORLD ? why this crown?"
as you see the crown of constellation doesn’t have any thorns but stones of glass instead. the crown of thorns only served as an inspiration due to its iconic form and appearance and was rather coincidental

"If you were a color, which one would you be?"
the purest of purple

"Where did you shot the video?"
the video was shot in Park Sanssouci, Potsdam.

the buildings you see are part of Neues Palais and Potsdam University. this year it’s Friedrich II, King of Preußen, 300th birthday and since I love Sanssouci and castles in general I thought it was the perfect location to shoot the video there and even pay tribute to a part of German history

"hey :D ich finde "brave new world" einfach toll :D es freut mich, dass es endlich wieder etwas neues von dir zu hören gibt :) aber bei dem text, den du hier gepostet hast, irritiert es mich ein bisschen, dass du mehr text hast als du eigentlich singst :'D zumindest ist es bei dem lied, von dem du heute mittag in twitter den link gepostet hast, so ^^"
Yes, the lyrics I posted are the lyrics of the full song. A shortened version was used for the video :)


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пост на fb

killer likes candy.
VIRGINESQUE | So pure and clean. No words and thoughts yet.
Howdy everybody! I'll do a video answer to your questions. Send them via message on my Facebook page or my tumblr ask box! I'll upload the video when we reach 20000 likes ♥


В общем, присылайте Стра вопросы сюда (кликаете на Message) или сюда(кликаете на ASK /так же как на фб, нужна регистрация/)

+ недавняя фоточка

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Новые вопросы с тумблера + перевод.

killer likes candy.
VIRGINESQUE | So pure and clean. No words and thoughts yet.
"When we get your answer?"
When will I get the question?

"could you give us any lyrics to a song you are working on?"
“We are symmetry connected through the wires
Reflecting beauty that is never to expire”

"What's your favorite band/singer? :)"
Right now I love listening to Florence + The Machine, Lana Del Rey and Casper.

"Do you know Andrej Pejic ?"
Not in person.

"Today I'm heard your new songs demos,its realy your? you have demo?:)"
I am sorry but that’s rather impossible :)

"Do you like astronomy? :3"
The stars and planets fascinate me but I never studies any astronomy or constellations. However, I remember that I learned all the planets of this solar system with Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon :)

"Hi Strify! I was wondering if you will release something this year, i really miss you (:"
I can’t wait for all of you to hear my new material! There’s hardly a day where I don’t listen to the songs I’ve recorded and written.

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новая партия вопросов с tumblr + перевод!

killer likes candy.
VIRGINESQUE | So pure and clean. No words and thoughts yet.
"What is your favorite flavor of tea?"
There are many flavors of tea that I like. For instance the classic ones like mint and fennel or fresh ginseng or ginger tea. On my last trip to Paris I bought a wonderful tea called “løv organic” with aniseed, cinnamon and pepper.

"What language do you think? :3"

I think in German.

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еще вопросы c tumblr с переводом

killer likes candy.
VIRGINESQUE | So pure and clean. No words and thoughts yet.
"captain, what is your favourite anime? I was wondering this just now as I was watching some :3"
I loved NANA and Paradise Kiss. Most anime don’t live up to the manga, for example Angel Sanctuary, which I was obsessed with.

"are you in christmas mood? :D"
Well, in Germany it is still October.

"i'm better with your glitter."
I think you are probably already amazing with your own glitter!

"any words or advice to people who can't sleep till it's 3am in the morning?"
Reading, working, getting stuck on tumblr :)

"Hello =) Do you know any russian swearwords? ;)"
I do but I will not post any here :)

"Are you making any music these days ?"
Bloody hell, I am!


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Ответы с тумблера + ПЕРЕВОД!

Daten no Magi
The black sun.
"if Love does not exist, would you believe in Hate?"
Einstein said, dark was the absence of light, hate was the absence of love.
Therefore love exists.

"Can you describe your new album in 3 words? Btw, I'm so excited for your new album! <3"

"Quel est ton mot français préféré ?"
Je n’ai pas un mot français préféré :)

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Part of deleted Jack Strify formspring.me + ПЕРЕВОД

Daten no Magi
The black sun.
Why did you decide to remove 'E' from your name?
Only because I am not writing it, it doesn't mean it's not there.

some days ago u posted a pic of ya with a new look. Did we lose the look of our beloved Capitan Strify for a new bizarre one ? :)
I think the captain finally landed and is ready for something new.

what is your favorite candy?
Pralines from Fassbender & Rausch. And Jelly Beans.


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